The Club shall be called Huddersfield Road Runners Athletic Club and will be governed by its fully-subscribed members.

2.      OBJECTS
The objects of the Club shall be to provide a facility for members to enjoy the benefits to health and well-being of athletic pursuits, principally those of road running, cross-country or any other branch of athletics which the members feel able to pursue.  Participation is to be encouraged in team events and those events which are compatible with membership of an athletic club.

3.      LOCATION
The Club will be located at the headquarters of Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club at Lockwood Park whilst that Club is able and willing to provide the required facilities, or such other place as the membership may at its absolute discretion decide at an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting called for that purpose.  A change of location requires the approval of 75% of members.

Membership shall be open to all amateurs over the age of 16. Each member shall be required to be a member of the host club, Huddersfield RUFC and an affiliated member of Association of Running Clubs, or any succeeding body. Annual fees are payable to the host club each 1st September under the terms periodically laid down by that club. Persons may have a preliminary period of attendance during which, at the discretion of the management committee, they may participate as guests, until they are invited to become fully registered members upon payment of the annual subscription, or a pro-rata part thereof depending on the number of complete months remaining in the subscription year.  Members failing to pay the appropriate subscription will be excluded from membership after a reasonable time has elapsed to allow payment.  Only fully paid members may claim affiliation or team status in a recognised event.
Any subsidy from Club funds towards the annual subscription to Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club will be calculated by the Treasurer from time to time, and is not guaranteed to occur annually. The value of the subsidy will be dependent upon the level of Club funds.

The Club shall have a Management Committee which will consist of :-

a Chairman (who shall chair all general meetings and be spokesperson to our host club)
a Secretary (who shall keep records of the Club, minutes of meetings, membership   subscription records and deal with relevant correspondence)
a Treasurer (who shall record income and expenditure of the Club, safeguard funds of the Club and re-imburse members for agreed expenses incurred on behalf of the Club)

In addition to the above, the Club may appoint additional positions of :-
a Membership Secretary
a Race Director

The Management Committee will stand for one year, and each member thereof will be eligible to stand for re-election to their post at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.  Nominations for each post shall be forwarded to the Secretary in advance of each AGM.

Vacancies arising during the year can be filled by the Committee, who may co-opt additional persons to the Committee to deal with special projects if such arise.
Each committee member shall have one vote, with the Chairman having a second casting vote in the event of a tie.

Each year during the month of June or July the Club will hold an Annual General Meeting, which will be notified to each paid-up member at least 14 days in advance by the Secretary, for the purpose of :-
6.1    Receiving the Minutes of the previous AGM
6.2    Receiving a Financial Report from the Treasurer for the immediate past financial period.
6.3    Receiving a Secretary's Report
6.4    Electing Officers and Committee for the ensuing year.
6.5    Hearing a Statement from the Chairman
6.6    Consider any amendments to the Constitution, provided such proposal has been notified to the Secretary at least 28 days before the meeting and such proposal has been included in the notification of the meeting to the members.
Each fully paid up member shall have one equal vote at the meeting.  On ordinary issues, a simple majority shall decide.  On constitutional change, 75% of the full membership must vote in favour to carry a proposal and each proposal must have the support of a second member.
8 members shall form a quorum at all general meetings.   If a quorum is not present at the appointed start time, that meeting shall be adjourned for two weeks and upon re-convening the meeting, lack of a quorum shall not prevent the meeting proceeding, and with decisions taken in accordance with the rules being quorate.

The Club will affiliate to the Association of Running Clubs and abide by its rules, and to any similar or succeeding bodies which the management committee considers appropriate to the Club's aims and circumstances.

To avoid doubt or confusion when a member fails to attend, any member wishing to leave the Club will be invited to resign by letter. The Secretary will acknowledge such resignation.  Failure to resign by letter will cause the member to remain registered with this Club and any application to join an alternative affiliated Club will be rejected.  Resignation will also not be accepted, if the member is indebted to this Club, until such time as that debt has been settled.

All meetings of full members apart from the Annual General Meeting shall be Extra-Ordinary General Meetings. Such meetings can be called by either the Secretary, or a requisition to the Secretary signed by 5 members, in each case giving 14 days' notice to the members, with an agenda for the meeting.

Club colours as registered must be worn by members in all league events and when representing the Club in team races.  Any change or variation to club colours must be agreed by the management committee. 

Good conduct is expected from all members when attending the Club, visiting other Clubs and at races. Inappropriate behaviour of any kind will be considered by the management committee, and, if necessary, a member reported for such to the Committee may be suspended from the Club at their absolute discretion.

This constitution is effective from 1 September 2011 and replaces any previous version.